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  What We Do 

We sell defarbed reproduction Enfield muskets and accessories.
We offer both an armory bright version and a blued version.
It is our goal to make our
reproductions look as close to the originals as possible.

     We start with an Armi-Sport because they are a more accurate reproduction than the Euro-Arms.
We get them from the factory with an oil finish on the stock.  We completely disassemble the guns and
for the armory bright version we remove the bluing from the barrel lock and bands.

     For both versions we remove all the visible Italian markings and the exposed serial numbers from the barrel.
We either give it an armory bright finish or reblue the entire barrel, depending on the version.
  We then stamp the barrel with the 1860's proof marks
(Provisional, gauge mark, view mark & definitive proof).

     We engrave the lock "1862 TOWER", put a double line around the edge and on the blued version
we also case color the lockplate and hammer.

     We then stamp the side of the stock with the "BIRMINGHAM SMALL ARMS TRADE" stock cartouche
and the bottom with COOPER & GOODMAN.  We also remove the round eared screw escutcheons and
replace them with square eared ones, flatten out the heads on the lock screws and replace all the round
headed wood screws with flat headed ones.

     We stamp the ramrod about 4 inches from the tulip end with "T&CG" (Thomas and Charles Gilbert),
the makers of the ramrod.

     The swivels that come with the gun are not accurate, so we replace them with the correct ones.
The top, or muzzle end one should be centered, not offset, and the lower or breech end one should be
more of a triangular shape, rather than oval.
On the armory bright version they are bright and on the blued version they are blued.  

     We also offer a choice of two leather slings for our muskets.  The first is a reproduction of a
British military sling and would probably have been shipped from
England with the musket.
It is black with a brass buckle.  It is all hand stitched using wax coated
linen thread and is attached by leather lacing at the trigger guard swivel.
The other is what would probably have been made here in the states as a federal or state
replacement for a worn out sling or if the sling was not imported with the musket.  It is also all
hand stitched using wax coated linen thread, and the location of the hook is away from the place you
put your hand when capping the gun.  If either one is purchased with the musket we will install it.

     We have available defarbed Enfield bayonets scabbards & frogs.  We defarb the bayonet by removing
INDIA from the bayonet and replace it with a crown and V stamped on the flat of the blade.  If it is
purchased with the musket we will make sure it fits on the barrel properly.  The frog is used for attaching
the bayonet scabbard to your belt and it is an exact replica of the type used in the Civil War, it is
the British military style rough-out black leather with a brass buckle.


(All Prices in US Funds)

Defarbed Enfield Musket in armory bright with correct sling swivels
Out of Stock
Blued version Defarbed Enfield Musket with correct sling swivels $975.00
Federal or State Replacement Sling

British Military Black Sling with
brass buckle

Defarbed Bayonet & Scabbard 
Correct Frog (to hold scabbard to belt) 
7 Rivet, Gaylord style Scabbard  
Oil Cloth Gun Bag
Civil War Worm (screws on the end of the ramrod) 
Reenactor’s Blackpowder Guide Book
Nipple Wrench 
Replacement Nipple 
Nipple pick 
Nipple Protector with Chain 
Cleaning Kit made with Period Correct Materials 
Main Spring Vice 
Standard Shipping for musket, East of the Mississippi 
Standard Shipping for musket, West of the Mississippi 

This is a hobby business so we do not take credit cards or COD orders.  Postal money orders are preferred; a
personal check will be accepted but it will take ten business days to clear. We will also take Paypal but a 3.5% surcharge fee applies.  We attempt to keep guns in stock but dealing with the Italian gun makers can be trying at times.


(Click the link to see a high res picture)

Square-eared Screw Escutcheons
Federal Replacement Sling
British Military Black Sling with brass buckle  
Armory Bright Lock Plate
Case Colored Lock for Blued Version

Stock Cartouche
7 Rivet Scabbard
Musket bag
Bayonet Stamp

Cleaning Kit

  To Order 

If you have any questions you can e-mail me at or call me at 716-693-3237 and
ask for Terry.  Due to international money fluctuations prices may change without notice.  You must be 18 years of
age or older to purchase a musket from us and we cannot ship to New Jersey unless it is to an FFL.  New York
residents must pay 8% sales tax.

Mail orders to:
  The Company Quartermaster
  258 Zimmerman St.
  North Tonawanda, New York 14120-4509